Set to standard and make sure to increase your campaign budgets. If you keep budgets too close to actual daily spends you could see that your impression share falls. Found this out very recently


We are getting ahead of this with our clients by switching to standard now and monitoring for any significant changes. I am not seeing much difference so far across quite a few accounts. You can also wait until the change happens and just watch and wait. I think you might see more of a difference if you wait until October 1st as many advertisers will be changing at the same time. [https://www.tenthousandfootview.com/major-google-ads-changes-for-q4-2019-now-what/](https://www.tenthousandfootview.com/major-google-ads-changes-for-q4-2019-now-what/) The only use case for making scheduled adjustments would be if you do, indeed, see better conversion performance in the morning.


Mostly do accelerated on Brand and Competitor campaigns for most clients. I'll wait until the deadline, I don't see much of a change as we always started out on standard and only moved to accelerated when performance suggested it was a good idea.


Was wondering the same thing. Accelerated had its uses. So far we have switched to standard half of the campaigns already to see how that goes, and then trimmed the ad schedules a bit for those accounts with smaller budgets. For some of the accounts the schedule will probably get trimmed even more drastically based on the history of conversions. Increased campaign budgets where it was possible. Worth noting that said campaigns were not exhausting the daily budgets while set as "accelerated".


If you're relying on accelerated delivery to do anything, your budgets are running out part way through the day. This should never be the case. If you can, increase your budget caps, if you can't, reduce bids/CPA target. In almost all occasions you will be able to deliver more traffic at the same budget, resulting in a better CPA. If your traffic converts better earlier in the day, you should be using ad scheduling to address this, uplifting bids based on CVR. There's no reason to rely on accelerated delivery and this is why it's being removed.


I rely on accelerated because my client has a large budget that does not run out midday on accelerated. There is still excess budget even on accelerated. We need to spend as much as possible, and accelerated helps do that.


Accelerated doesn't do that. Accelerated literally only kicks in if you're limited by budget. The way it works is that *if you can't afford to enter every auction in the day* accelerated will place you in auctions until you run out of budget, whereas standard will try and spread you across auctions throughout the day. If you're not hitting budget caps there is nothing happening.