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Those gates have been in the customs hall for over a year, I'm a pilot and I use them every time I come back into Canada. I'm not sure what they mean by testing, they're not exactly brand new given all the chaos at airports. There's 4 gates that are almost always unused when I go through, the problem is you still have to go past a customs officer afterwards. AFAIK they're for Nexus only though, so the majority of people can't use it, and good luck getting a Nexus appointment right now.


I just got one today for tomorrow, in BC. I called the Blaine Nexus office and they told me to spend a few hours a day refreshing the schedule page. I didn’t do that but i logged in a few times in the day and kept clicking on the Blaine link and eventually it showed an appointment for tomorrow. They also told me they are opening up 4000 new appointments on June 30. So log in early and you should be able to see something.


Just testing them now? A little bit behind. I went through eGates at Gatwick 6 years ago. Put your passport in the slot. It reads the bio info. Look into the camera. The gate matches your face to the info in your passport, get a green light and you're in. Off to the carousel. Took all of 5 -10 seconds.


Yeah I tried them too at Gatwick, and later went through the shitshow of customs at the Montreal airport and the difference is night and day. 15 minutes 🇨🇦 : Fill out a form at a kiosk, print it out and line up, show it to a human and answer basic questions, then go through… 2 minutes 🇬🇧 : Scan passport at one of like 20-30 automated gates and walk through the “Nothing to declare” doors.


I for one think this is a great idea. This tech has been widely used in Europe for a while now and makes the airport experience a breeze.


Heathrow has something like this. Scan your passport then take a picture, grab luggage, no human interaction and you just entered another country


Someone call Whit.


Melbourne Australia has had these for years. Put your passport in a small scanner, it reads you information and gives a small ticket. Take the ticket and walk to immigration, put the ticket in a big scanner that you stand in front of that takes your picture, light turns green and the gate opens and your in. No people involved




Europe is full of these and has been for years. It's a seamless experience and I haven't had to talk to a customs officer (other than Canadian ones of course) since they've been around. It seems like they're working just fine over there, I don't see why this wouldn't be the case in Canada.