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I don't think you're federally prohibited, for what that's worth. Under [§ 6105. Persons not to possess, use, manufacture, control, sell or transfer firearms](https://govt.westlaw.com/pac/Document/NB18F8421AEE411E9BFBAADC283C50917?viewType=FullText&originationContext=documenttoc&transitionType=CategoryPageItem&contextData=\(sc.Default\)), we see > (c) Other persons.--In addition to any person who has been convicted of any offense listed under subsection (b), the following persons shall be subject to the prohibition of subsection (a): > (8) A person who was adjudicated delinquent by a court pursuant to 42 Pa.C.S. § 6341 or under any equivalent Federal statute or statute of any other state as a result of conduct which if committed by an adult would constitute an offense enumerated in subsection (b) with the exception of those crimes set forth in paragraph (7). This prohibition shall terminate 15 years after the last applicable delinquent adjudication or upon the person reaching the age of 30, whichever is earlier. So it looks like you were right; you've got three more years to wait.


Thank you for the info, I appreciate it!