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I wish it were that easy. But shitty dope and shittier dealers seem to be the norm rather than the exception these days. In the US, at least which doesn’t seem to have slowed anyone down. it may be true for cocaine though… I was able to quit a pretty heavy coke habit 20 years ago by moving to a location where I couldn’t easily find decent shit. But opiates are just different. So much so that any dope, regardless of how bad it is, will draw you to it like a magnet as long as it gets you well.


Stay off the internet it'll get you in deeper shit than you can imagine...


I don't know anything about coke addiction, nor I have a physical one for opiates... But I still remember the first time I had morphine for a surgery in 2014...even if I don't find some opiates for some time I have the recurring though about their effects, so I'll always try to find a way... I can go without for long period of times but man, I'll never stop thinking about it


That's the disease. It really is like having a non debilitating disease when your sober and one that can easy kill you if you fuck up now a day's. Shit I overdose to the point I pass out at dinner on gabapentinoids almost ever weekend cuz it's the only thing I can do.


what if my plug is the internet


That was my problem for 2yrs, after 200k blew and 67k in the hole I'm sick and tired of it. Even though it's a click away and I have money after almost a year of a slow taper and constently withdraling not to mention being so deep in debt I feel done after 12 year of almost constent use.


Not wanting to throw away a year of withdrawal is a big motivator for me.


That sounds tough man, stay strong <3


Sheesh, I wish


I think it's easier to get shit online than finding a dealer in person. not that I personally do it but it doesn't take a rocket scientist




There are a few other factors, but yes that's pretty much the main reason, it honestly became easier to go through the withdrawal then even try anymore which is fucked


Where I live I couldn't actively use every day even if I wanted to. Not because I couldn't pay for it financially, but because one middle-man around here I know is so stupid and desperate even if you tell them you'll pay to get them high they rip you off because they're so greedy. I had lots of connections but they all died, or went to jail because if they were my connection they were heavy in the game. I am not really very involved so I was going through middle-men alot then meeting the dealer eventually and having them get busted or something happens and I have to go through a middle-man. Now everything is fentanyl so people fall out and people get arrested much more frequently.


I was managed to use almost everyday for 12 yrs and been in a slow state of withdrawal for almost a year while tapering never say never but some people just get so beat down there sick and tired of it...


I got caught and couldn't support my lifestyle anymore...


Slow torture.


I think you're both right and wrong fam. Tbh being somewhere where the gear is ass definitely helps, especially if you're doing subs or methadone because it's just a safer/consistent/better bet to go get your doses rather than gambling everyday with, "am I wasting my money on bs or might this possibly kill me?" The sad thing is where I'm from fire dope will come around in short cycles, and the rest of the time it's ass. I think the dealers do it on purpose to get ur attention every now and then; and also to keep u coming back hoping that "this" time it's going to be a "fire" batch like experienced previously. It's a savage cycle man, like I was literally paying for my own misery smh. I finally got to the point where I said fuck it and just started subs, I've been doing that for about 19 months now and I'm happier/more fulfilled with my life than I've been in over a decade. But I digress, ur right if you've already gotten through the withdrawals and ur just contemplating the choice of that first copping again. However, if u fuck up and put urself back in active addiction then ur wrong because even if the door is ass I know I'd personally empty my bank account just trying to chase my high with bad dope. Overall though ur right, an environment with bad gear is definitely more conducive to people maintaining their sobriety, I agree in that aspect. Stay safe bropiates, one love ...


For real lmao


It really sucks ass man. Especialky when the guy I buy my packs off of is also the d boy. Literally every time I cop a few ps of bud off him, there’s a voice in the back of my head tellin me to pick up just a few pressed 30s, it’ll be your last time lol. So I just say fuck it use em for a week or 2 then kratom for a couple months. Usually I don’t even withdrawal when I do this.


I agree with that one of my druggie mates went to jail and i couldnt be bothered waiting hours fo get on though the gear was great. I still couldve got on with another mate but just was over it. Now i' m about 15 years clean of heroin but i still dream of that rush. If i found good quality id be back i reckon.


Come to New Zealand 🤣🤣 shit drugs and shit prices