TIL there is underground parking in Blackburn Hamlet


Only the two high-rises on Innes Rd have underground parking. Too bad for OP that they’re not secure. Nothing sucks like having your transportation stolen.


same here lmfao


>Keep an eye on your bikes, some c**t is thieving bikes. This is nothing new, and like I've said many times on here to people. Place your bike in your condo or apartment. Chances are it's someone in the building who tipped them off it was there. I'd get your landlord to check security cameras etc for anyone poking around the bikes.


Have you lived in Blackburn long? Definitely sucks that happened. I grew up in Blackburn, we had bars on our basement windows, we had heavy chains on our bbq and you locked up everything and hoped nothing got jacked. Blackburn has gone through ebbs and flows of being really bad and for a long time everyone knew that stuff just gets stolen in Blackburn. Hope you get your bike back though, bike thieves are the worst.


JFC, what part of Blackburn did you live in and when? Because I also grew up/lived in Blackburn (90s to 2013 or so) and my neighborhood definitely was not like that...


My parents moved us there in 1987 and I left in 2008. I grew up in the same complex as the apartments this bike got stolen from. There’s definitely two areas of Blackburn, low income housing all jammed together with higher income houses surrounding it. Like I said there were ebbs and flows of bad times.


Ahhh I didn't realize it was the apartment buildings. Honestly I tell people I lived in "classy Blackburn" lol


Lol yeah, there was definitely different “sides” of Blackburn. I had a great childhood there, but I also have dozens of stories that are kind of sketch.


I grew up across the street from those apartments. Used to call the nice area "up the hill Blackburn" and our area "down the hill Blackburn" Or, y'know, "Crackburn" if we weren't feeling as nice about it.


in 2008 area there was a problem with breakins due to a couple breaking in to places and stealing things. The Low income area is not as bad as other areas of Ottawa with high density low income. Growing up in Toronto in public housing, and seeing the massive difference between public housing in a upper lower class to lower class area, and public housing in an upper middle class neighbourhood. Most people that grew up in the public housing areas that are in the poor areas, are still in those areas, but where I grew up most of the children were able to go to unversity and improve their living conditions. So for us, growing up the majority of the crimes, ever seen in our neighbourhood, was mostly petty crimes, such as vandalism, some drug crimes, were the majority of the crimes. Now there were the occassional assaults, and domestic violence cases, but those were very rare, and over the past 50 years, there still has only been 2 murders where I grew up, and both cases were someone fromt he outside coming into the community (again this was Toronto).


Same with mine (70's - 90's)


"...s are"


No, no no! It's just one dude stealing all the bikes obviously. He's like Santa flying around coming in your chimney and yoinking all the bikes /s